Mandriva Linux One 2008 Spring

Mandriva Linux (formerly known as Mandrake Linux) is already well-known as a powerful and stable operating system that demanded strong technical knowledge and extensive use of the "command line"; Mandriva saw this as an opportunity to integrate the best graphical desktop environments and contribute its own graphical configuration utilities and quickly became famous for setting the standard in ease-of-use and functionality. Mandriva Linux 2008 is available in three editions: One, Powerpack and Free, for both i586 and x86-64 architectures.

Mandriva Linux is based on the Cooker development project sponsored by Mandriva. Hundreds of passionate free software developers work openly on the core of the distribution. This open, community-driven development system has been in place since 1998, making it one of the longest-standing open source development communities around. The involvement of the Mandriva development community helps us to make Mandriva Linux one of the largest, most up-to-date, integrated, internationalized and standardized distributions available.

Mandriva Linux 2008 is the latest edition of Mandriva Linux, the product of more than than nine years of continuous innovation for desktops and enterprise servers.
In this release, we have integrated the most up-to-date versions of the major components, with the brand new GNOME 2.20 desktop, the latest stable KDE 3.5.7, Compiz Fusion 0.5.2, 2.2.1, the latest Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0.

Mandriva Linux 2008 includes an all-new base system built on version of the Linux kernel, with the best hardware support ever in a Mandriva Linux release. 2008 automatically runs on a wide range of hardware configurations, automatically detected and configured out of the box by the Mandriva tools.

Mandriva Linux 2008 includes the following versions of the major distribution components: kernel 2.6.22, 7.2, KDE 3.5.7, GNOME 2.20.0, Mozilla Firefox, 2.2.1. Other major new features are the merging of the Beryl and Compiz 3D desktop technologies into Compiz Fusion, a new network management tool, and a Windows documents and settings migration tool. You can find a detailed introduction to the most interesting new features, with screenshots, in the Mandriva Linux 2008 Release Tour.

Mandriva Linux 2008 is available in several different editions:
* One is a single CD edition which includes the latest proprietary drivers, available for download free of charge. It can be run as a live CD as well as installed to the hard disk.
* Powerpack is a DVD edition which includes support, services, and important third-party proprietary software like LinDVD, Cedega, the Fluendo multimedia codecs, Flash Player, Scilab and 03 Spaces. It is available from the Mandriva Store.
* Free is a 3-CD / 1-DVD edition made up entirely of free / open source software, without any of the non-free software bundled with other editions. It is available for download free of charge.

Mandriva Linux 2008 One is the best way to start using Linux. A full Linux operating system on a single CD for both new and experienced Linux users, it is fast to download and install, and also safe to try with a live mode. One is really the one CD you need!

Mandriva Linux Powerpack is the commercial edition of Mandriva Linux. It adds a pack of services and commercial applications you can't get any other way. With these exclusive features, you'll find it a breeze to watch DVDs, listen to audio files and watch video files in every format available, and play the best Windows games. Powerpack is the all-in-one edition for new or seasoned Linux users.

Mandriva Flash is a mobile 3D desktop that fits in your pocket and is the #1 Linux USB Key on the market. It contains a pre-installed Mandriva Linux distribution on a 4GB USB key.
Plug in the key, take your Linux system everywhere with you, save and exchange your data in up to 3GB of free space! It is not only practical, easy and pleasant to use but also high-performing and innovative. Mandriva Flash will surprise you whether you are already a Linux user or not.

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