WinRAR 3.70 - Final

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

Features of WinRAR:
- Using WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression by consistently making smaller archives than the competition, saving disk space and transmission costs.
- WinRAR provides complete support for RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives.
- WinRAR offers a graphic interactive interface utilizing mouse and menus as well as the command line interface.
- WinRAR is easier to use than many other archivers with the inclusion of a special "Wizard" mode which allows instant access to the basic archiving functions through a simple question and answer procedure. This avoids confusion in the early stages of use.
- WinRAR offers you the benefit of industry strength archive encryption using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key of 128 bits.
- WinRAR supports files and archives up to 8,589 billion gigabytes in size. The number of archived files is, for all practical purposes, unlimited.
- WinRAR offers the ability to create selfextracting and multivolume archives.
Recovery record and recovery volumes allow to reconstruct even physically damaged archives.
- WinRAR features are constantly being developed to keep WinRAR ahead of the pack.

Changes in Version 3.70 :
1. Numerous Windows Vista compatibility changes:
a) help format changed from old HLP to newer HTML based CHM;
b) GUI self-extracting modules attempt to request for administrator permissions if they cannot create destination folder under current user account;
c) Log file rar.log and WinRAR theme files are stored in %APPDATA%\WinRAR folder instead of WinRAR program files folder.
Exported settings file settings.reg is also stored in %APPDATA%\WinRAR folder by default, but it is possible to select another folder in "Save WinRAR settings" and "Load WinRAR settings" dialogs. WinRAR searches for registration key and settings.reg both in its program files folder and in %APPDATA%\WinRAR;
It is possible to set the string value "AppData" in Registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinRAR\Paths to override the default %appdata%\WinRAR path for WinRAR settings. For example, if you wish to store theme files in WinRAR folder, set this value to "c:\Program Files\WinRAR".
d) Vista compatibility changes in WinRAR shell integration;
e) New "Request administrative access" option in "Advanced" page of "Advanced SFX options" allows to create SFX archive, which will request the administrative access when started in Windows Vista. Command line equivalent of this option is -iadm switch.
2. Added support for ISO 13346 (UDF) file format. This format is frequently used in ISO images of DVD disks.
3. Added Unicode support for ISO 9660 files, so WinRAR should handle non-English file names in .iso files better.
4. Design changes in window displaying archiving and extraction progress:
a) it provides more space for file names, allowing lengthy names;
b) it displays the current archive name in separate line, allowing much longer archive names than before;
c) when archiving, it displays the current compression ratio in separate line;
d) it can use both standard Windows and classic WinRAR progress bars. Turn on "Windows progress bars" option in WinRAR "Settings/General" dialog to use standard progress bars. By default this option is on if some Windows visual style is active and off if Windows Classic theme is selected. Windows progress bars are two color only, so they do not indicate the current compression ratio. But now the ratio is displayed in separate line;
e) "Mode..." button moved to bottom of window.
5. GUI self-extracting modules support following command line switches:
-d set the destination path
-p specify a password
-s silent mode, hide all
-s1 same as -s
-s2 silent mode, hide start dialog
-sp specify parameters for setup program
6. GUI self-extracting modules do not pass the entire command line to setup program like they did in previous versions. If you need to get access to entire command line of SFX archive, parse sfxcmd environment variable which contains this command line.
7. New switch -sc[objects] allowing to select character sets for archive comments and list files. It replaces -fcu switch introduced in RAR 3.60, which was removed from list of supported switches. Now you need to specify -scuc instead of -fcu to use Unicode comments. Unlike -fcu, -sc also supports OEM and ANSI charset.
8. New "Save archive copy as..." command in "File" menu. This command may be useful if you opened an archive from Internet directly in WinRAR and then decided to save it on local disk.
9. "Word wrap" command added to "View" menu of WinRAR internal viewer, so you can change the wrapping mode of already opened viewer window.
State of this option is not stored between viewing sessions. If you need to change the default word wrap mode, use WinRAR "Settings/Viewer" dialog.
10. Buttons "Up" and "Down" added to "Organize profiles" dialog. Using these buttons you can change position of selected profile in the list.
11. Operation progress is displayed when adding the recovery record.
12. If WinRAR is minimized to tray and mouse is over its icon, WinRAR diplays a message about the current operation progress. In previous versions it included only percent done, now it also contains the time left information.
13. Console RAR displays "Calculating the control sum" message when calculating CRC32 control sum for newly created RAR volume. Previous versions also calculated the volume control sum, but did it silently.
14. Archives history list in "File" menu allows Unicode names, providing more reliable support for non-English archive names.
15. Stack overflow vulnerability has been corrected in password processing module of console RAR and UnRAR. GUI WinRAR is not affected. We are thankful to the iDEFENSE LABS for reporting this bug.

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Orbit Downloader 1.5.6

Orbit Downloader is a great speed, super light,easy-to-use free download manager. It is based on p2p and multi-source downloading technology and supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols. Using Orbit Downloader, you can almost download everything online with 500% faster speed, like youtube video, rapidshare files, flash and streaming media etc. Anyway, Orbit Downloader is an indispendsable tool for download acceleration and management.

* Great Speed. Orbit Downloader is based on p2p and multi-source downloading technology, which make you download files up to 500% faster than before.
* Super Light: micro-sized and resource-friendly. Orbit Downloader is written with efficiency in mind, it typically uses less than 3MB of memory and 3% of cpu when downloading. Additionally, the installation package is less than 1.6MB.
* Easy to Use. Orbit Downloader has a simple and clear user interface. It is easy to use and config for both newbies and professions.
* The Most Comprehensive Download Tools. Internet Downloader all in one: Orbit Downloader supports most protocols and have a function of “Flash and Streaming Media Capturer”, so you can download videos from youtube metacafe, files from rapidshare, metalink files, flash and streaming media online more simple and easy.
* Support IE, Firefox, Maxthon and Opera. Orbit Downloader integrates seamlessly into IE, FireFox, Maxthon and Opera without installing any other plugin
* Free and Safe. 100% free and no registration allowed. No adware!!! No spyware!!!

Main features:
1. Extreme download acceleration.
In general, Orbit Downloader is based on P2P techonology. It has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation. And it has advanced robust multithread download algorithm implemented with high quality. Orbit Downloader can download up to 500% faster with great acceleration.
2. Support Youtube video, Rapidshare files download.
In general, Orbit Downloader is based on P2P techonology. It has a smart download logic accelerator that features intelligent dynamic file segmentation. And it has advanced robust multithread download algorithm implemented with high quality. Orbit Downloader can download up to 500% faster with great acceleration.
3. Catch Flash and Streaming media online.
When you hover your mouse on the flash or streaming media file in the webpage, Orbit Downloader can recognize the flash or streaming media automatically and display a small button on it. You can easily download the flash or streaming media file with one clicking on the small button.
4. Support IE, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera.
Orbit Downloader supports IE, FireFox, Maxthon and Opera.
5. Support Metalink download.
Orbit Downloader supports Metalink download and gives you extremely fast download speeds.
6. Support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocols.
You can easily download files with a browser click from any remote server via HTTP/ HTTPS/ FTP/ RTSP/ MMS.
7. Support Proxy server configuration.
You can set Orbit Downloader to use a proxy server. Orbit Downloader can work well with HTTP,HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols.
8. Support download pasue and resume.
Orbit Downloader can resume broken downloads. So you needn't start the downloading process from the very beginning after casual interruption. You can resume unfinished download from the moment when it was interrupted.
9. General download management.
Orbit Downloader's easy-to-use management features and simple-yet-powerful configuration options can make both your downloading process and downloaded files management as easy as never before.

Changes in Orbit Downloader V1.5.6 ( May 30, 2007 ):
* Add "Silent Mode" feature
* Fix some bugs

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PowerArchiver 2007 10.10.10 - Final

owerArchiver offers hundreds of features, yet remains easy to use, small and fast. Novice users will find a familiar interface complete with tutorial and detailed help, while more experienced users can take advantage of full Explorer integration, multiple encryption methods and advanced compression algorithms.

PowerArchiver is an award-winning archive utility for the WindowsĀ® family that provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools through an easy to use interface that seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer. PowerArchiver creates and works with unlimited size ZIP archives with enhanced ZIP format speed and compression; a Password Manager stores your frequently used passwords; encrypts your archives using 5 different methods including 256-bit AES; back up your work with PowerArchiver's Auto-Backup tool and FTP support; creates powerful CAB and ZIP self extracting (SFX) archives using a Wizard; a Batch ZIP tool compresses hundreds of files all at once; and a Multi-Extract tool can extract hundreds of archives instantly.

Complete Feature List:
- Complete built-in support for 7-ZIP, ZIP, CAB, LHA (LZH), TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, BH, RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE, ZOO, GZ, and BZIP2 file formats
- Support for reading and extracting disc image formats: ISO, BIN, IMG and NRG
- Built-in support for XXE, UUE, and yENC encoded files and full MIME (Base 64) support
- Creating ZIP and CAB and PAE encrypted self-extracting archives using a Wizard interface
- Support for unlimited size ZIP archives, with improved performance when working with 100,000+ files
- Support for Deflate64, providing improved compression results (both size and speed)
- Complete support for PKZIP 4.0 and PKZIP 4.5 disk spanning
- Compression Profiles to store frequently used compression settings
- Full support for ZIP AES encryption, 128-bit/192-bit/256-bit (supports: PKZip 5.1 (full), Secure Zip 8.0 and WinZip 9.0 AE-1 & AE-2) and proprietary PAE format using 5 different methods: Blowfish (128-bit), DES (64-bit), Triple DES (128-bit), AES 128-bit, and AES 256-bit
- Support for AES encrypted 7-Zip archives and multivolume 7-Zip archives
- Uploading archives or backups directly to FTP or SFTP (SSH) sites with multiple profiles supported and timeout option
- Password manager for saving frequently used passwords
- Tool for creating PBS backup scripts and running automated backups
- Internal viewer that supports TXT, RTF, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, TIFF, GFI, SGI, EMF, WMF, PPM, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk, Truevision, - ZSoft Paintbrush, Kodak Photo-CD, JASC PaintShop Pro, and Dr. Halo file formats

- Many powerful archive operations (including: renaming files in archive, spanning archives, testing archives, viewing and writing comments, installing archives, and checking archives for viruses)
- Drag and Drop from/to Windows Explorer and the Desktop
- Two ways of viewing archives (Classic - all files in the same listing; Explorer - browsing through an archive like folders in Windows Explorer)
- Complete integration with Windows (extracting archives and creating archives directly from Windows Explorer using powerful "Explorer Shell Extensions")
- Ability to edit files within an archive using one single operation
- Printing file listing to text file or HTML document
- Tool for repairing corrupted ZIP archives
- Converting between file formats (for example: changing a ZIP archive to CAB archive, or LHA archive to ZIP archive)
- Extracting multiple archives at the same time
- Batch Zip function to create multiple different archives at once
- Favorite Folders to quickly locate archives
- Powerful Find function for searching within an archive
- Auto Update to automatically download and install new versions of PowerArchiver
- Powerful help in HTML and a tutorial with pictures for beginners
- Full skinning support via PSF files - includes interface skins, toolbar skins, icons and customizable application settings
- Customizable toolbar that can be docked to any side of the application or float independently
- Windows XP Theme and ClearType support

Changes in PowerArchiver 2007 Version 10.10 [May 24, 2007]:
* Added first configuration screen for interface selection
* Added PA Starter option in Configuration
* Changed Configuration interface to tabbed interface for better look and feel for older systems
* Updated 7-zip engine to latest version
* Updated Unrar engine to latest version
* Updated Direct Skin engine to latest version
* Other minor improvements

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BitComet 0.88

BitComet is a p2p file-sharing freeware fully compatible with Bittorrent, which is one of the most popular p2p protocol designed for high-speed distribution of 100MB or GB sized files. BitComet is a powerful, clean, fast, and easy-to-use bittorrent client. It supports simultaneous downloads, download queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, chatting, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy, ip-filter, etc. Supports 43 Languages.

Features of "BitComet":
BitTorrent Download - fast and powerful
- Preview while Downloading: Preview of MP3, rmvb, wmv, and qt is available during downloading process.
- Intelligent Connection Optimization: Configuration is automatically set to match your connection type.
- Intelligent Disk Cache: Memory cache is used to reduce the read/write frequency of your hard drive, therefore increasing service life.
- Quick Resume: The torrents can be seeded or resumed immediately without time consuming scans.
- NAT Traversal: Users behind NAT can now connect with each other by UDP.
- Auto Config ICF (Internet Connection Firewall) and ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) in Windows XP
- Auto Config UPNP port mapping in router (UPnP support is required in router, Windows XP is required).
- Option of Disabling and Setting Priority of Files in any torrent: Files can be disabled, so they are not downloaded, or set to higher or lower priority, allowing you to select which files finish first.
- Trackerless support (Mainline DHT): Torrents can be downloaded when tracker is offline using DHT.
- Support for Multi-tracker, and utf-8 extension, UDP tracker Protocol v2.
HTTP/FTP Download - Innovative P2P Technology
- Preview while Downloading: Preview of mp3, rmvb, wmv, and qt is available during downloading process.
- Ability of Multi-Section Download: Files are split into several sections which are downloaded at the same time to increase the download speed up to 500% or more.
- Ability of Multi-Mirror download: Mirror servers are automatically found for the file being downloaded. Data from these servers are downloaded at the same time to increase download speed 300% or more.
- Ability of Multi-Peer download: BitTorrent technology is integrated into HTTP/FTP protocol, with which BitComet automatically finds other peers and gets data from them to increase your download speed without additional bandwidth usage of the HTTP server.
- Support for Unicode: Multi-language web pages and encoded URLs can be correctly handled.
- Quick Resume: Stopped download tasks can be resumed from where they left off from both HTTP and FTP servers.
Download Management - Customization Available
- Global and Per-Task Speed Limit, for Both Upload and Download.
- Bandwidth Scheduler
- Custom-built Categories Management.
Easy to Use and Free!
- User-friendly and very easy-to-use, we try to hide every complicated terms behind the interface
- BitComet does not contain any adware or spyware.
- You can support us by making a donation.

Changes in version v0.88, 2007.05.24 :
GUI Improved: add an option to verify login password at program startup in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: add default task related info pane option in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: add an option to set Bitcomet as default IE download tool in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: add an option to enable torrent share in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: open BCTP link dialog replaced by open BC link dialog, which can create HTTP/FTP/BT task from BC link
GUI Improved: add "copy BC link to clipboard" command to task list context menu, with hotkey Ctrl+C
GUI Improved: add snapshot number column in task list
GUI Improved: add tooltip to display detail task status info when mouse hover on task icon in task list
GUI Improved: add tooltip to display upload rate, left time, health when mouse hover on download rate, progress, seed number
GUI Improved: upload rate, left time, health will not display in task list by default (can be shown in View menu)
GUI Improved: when task stopped, task can be renamed even if task is not completed
GUI Improved: double click to download torrent file in peer shared torrent list
GUI Improved: add popular column in peer shared torrent list
GUI Improved: new icon and tooltip to designate whether the torrent has been downloaded or shared by me in peer shared torrent list
GUI Improved: add auto-refresh checkbox in toolbar of peer shared torrent list
GUI Improved: add share-all checkbox in toolbar of my shared torrent list
GUI Improved: improve statistic pane display effect
GUI Improved: add save file already exist check when open torrent file to create new BT task
GUI Improved: able to save files to UNC path of shared folder in network during HTTP/BT downloading
GUI Improved: add warning prompt if save file large than 4GB to non-NTFS volume when create HTTP/BT task
GUI Improved: add balloon prompt on disk full error during HTTP/BT downloading
GUI Improved: add prompt dialog to close program and send error report when program is not responding
GUI Improved: add context menu to WAN IP detect light in status bar of main window
GUI Improved: remove some infrequent options in perferences dialog
GUI Improved: floating window remember its postion and size automatically
GUI Bugfix: unfinished tasks will not auto-start at program startup if BitComet is not closed normally before shut down computer
GUI Bugfix: average download rate in task summary pane is cleared after BT task stopped
GUI Bugfix: comment number and snapshot number in shared torrent list is not refreshed in time
GUI Bugfix: operation to torrent will be misplaced after sort shared torrent list
GUI Bugfix: text in toolbar of shared torrent list and passport pane is displayed incorrectly after switch display resolution
GUI Bugfix: refresh of peer shared torrents list lead to high CPU usage
Core Bugfix: program crash in some condition

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Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor™ provides three-way spyware protection for your PC through real-time threat blocking, advanced system scanning and immunization against known browser infections. Spyware Doctor is a multi-award winning spyware removal utility that detects, removes and protects your PC from thousands of potential spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, spybots and tracking threats. Protect your privacy and computing habits from prying eyes and virtual trespassers with the help of Spyware Doctor.

Anti-virus software and firewalls do not fully protect your system against the majority of spyware and privacy threats. Because spyware is commonly bundled with software downloads, attached to e-mails, or transmitted through networks it can appear to be legitimate software, but once installed it can be nearly impossible to detect and remove without the help of a dedicated spyware removal tool like Spyware Doctor.
Spyware Doctor has consistently been awarded Editors' Choice, by leading PC magazines and testing laboratories around the world, including United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Australia. All current versions of Spyware Doctor have won Editors' Choice awards from PC Magazine in United States. In addition, after leading the market in 2005, Spyware Doctor was awarded the prestigious Best of the Year at the end of 2005.

Spyware Doctor Tools:
- Spyware & Adware Scanner Keylogger
- Guard Popup
- Blocker Phishing
- Protector Real Time
- Protection Browser
- Guard Spyware Cookie
- Guard Malware
- Immunizer

Spyware Doctor Features:
* Detects and removes malware infections including spyware, adware, browser hijackers, Trojans, keyloggers, dialers and tracking cookies
* Frequent Smart Updates to detect and guard against new infections as well as adding enhancements to Spyware Doctor
* A wide range of sophisticated scanning tools including:
--- A Hosts Scanner, which scans the Windows Hosts file for any mappings that may have been altered as a result of malware activities.
--- A Browser Defaults, Favorites and ZoneMap Scanner, which determines if malware has altered your browser home page, favorites or has added any malicious sites to your Trusted Sites list.
--- A Startup Scanner, which removes references to malicious programs that run at startup in the registry and Windows startup files, as well as malicious files in Windows startup locations.
--- State-of-the-art scanning engines, including file scan, memory scan, registry scan, browser helper objects scan, cookie scan and much more.
* The OnGuard feature, designed for continual protection against malware infections and associated activities on your computer
--- A patent pending Keylogger Guard tool, which uses behavioral detection as opposed to signature-dependent methods to detect and block keylogger activities on your computer.
--- An effective Browser Guard, which scans and removes unwanted Browser Extensions in addition to Browser Helper Objects.
--- A powerful Immunizer tool to keep your browsing safe.
--- An easy-to-use Popup Blocker.
--- A Scheduler, to allow scheduling of a Quick Scan, Full Scan or Smart Update at specified times and intervals.
--- A Site Guard tool (Anti-Phishing).
--- A Process Guard tool, which prevents known malicious processes from running on your computer.
--- A Startup Guard tool, which checks for and removes malicious files that attempt to run automatically on your system when Windows starts up.
* Ability to quarantine and restore items that have been detected

Spyware Doctor allows you to remove malware infections from your system that have been detected in a scan, or quarantine them into a contained area. The majority of infections that have been quarantined can be restored at a later time for example. You can customize Spyware Doctor to either remove or quarantine malware items fixed in a scan.

Spyware Doctor 5.0 designed for Windows Vista™, XP and 2000

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ChrisTV Professional 5.01

Ā TV on your PC with High quality image and sound. ChrisTV Professional - The PVR that TAKES control OVER your TV Card - for any capture device with WDM Drivers installed. Great Image quality and very easy to use.
Supports TV Cards based on BT8x8 chipset, Philips SAA713x chipset, Conexant CX2388x, TV Cards with MPEG Hardware Encoder (Hauppauge PVR seris, ATI Theater 550 PRO and more), also works with any Capture Device like Webcams and Graphic Cards with Video IN. For the complete list of supported TV Cards, check this page :

Features of "ChrisTV Professional":
Ā· Timeshifting,
Ā· Recording using any audio/video codecs installed on user's PC,
Ā· Recording using TV card MPEG Hardware Encoder,
Ā· Recording in MPEG1 and MPEG2 format,
Ā· Advanced Recording settings : frame size, video bitrate, audio bitrate and more,
Ā· Advanced Scheduler,
Ā· Support for FFDShow DirectShow filter,
Ā· Support for Dscaler Deinterlace filter,
Ā· Improve image quality using the Image Prefilter Settings (available only for some TV Cards with MPEG Hardware Encoder),
Ā· Sleep Timer,
Ā· Radio FM support,
Ā· Radio/Audio recording,
Ā· Channel autoScan with fine tuning,
Ā· Customize each channel properties, support for dscaler deinterlace directshow filter,
Ā· Zoom feature,
Ā· Teletext,
Ā· Winlirc Support,
Ā· Image capture,
Ā· Mosaic with all your channels,
Ā· Slideshow,
Ā· Support for more than 25 languages.

Changes in Version 5.01:
- Fixed background recording initialization problem for TV cards with ATI Theater 550 chipset.
- Fixed background recording channel change problem for TV cards using alternative channel frequency setting.
- The recording settings were not loaded properly for some TV cards with MPEG Hardware Encoder.
- You can choose the default capture device that should be used by TV-Browser and TVgenial.
- Added the "Capture Device" column in Scheduler List Window which contains the name of the capture device used for the scheduled task.
- Improved sound settings detection for playback input.
- Fixed TV-Browser and TVgenial support activation.
- Fixed minimize bug in ChrisTV Lite.
- Other small fixes and improvements.

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Diskeeper 2007 11.0 Build 706.32 for Windows 2000/XP

Diskeeper is a fully automatic defrgmentation engine that replaces the standard Windows defragmenter which runs only manually, consumes high resoureces and rewquires full administrator privileges to operate. Diskeeper constantly monitors and maintains your systems maximum performance, using the fastest defrag engine. According to the National Software Testing Lab (NSTL) proven 300-500% faster and far more thorough than Windows built-in defragmenters. The program includes a unique `Set It and Forget It` functionality with Smart Scheduling, that, once set, runs invisibly and fully automatic in the background. In addition, the Frag Guard feature helps prevent fragmentation in your most critical system files. Additional features include boot-time defrag, priority settings as well as the ability to defrag multiple disks automatically and simultaneously while system is in use.

Diskeeper provides unparalleled peak performance for power users and high powered workstation computing, delivering the ultimate high performance to those who need it most.
Best of all, Diskeeper 2007's revolutionary InvisiTasking™ technology allows vital system performance enhancements, including defragmentation, to occur in real time, on-the-fly. InvisiTasking undetectably taps into unused system resources, providing truly transparent system maintenance.

In addition, Diskeeper's I-FAAST™ 2.0 (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology) was specifically developed to accelerate the speed of your systems file access time in order to meet the heavy workloads of file-intensive applications. I-FAAST intelligently monitors file usage, and reorganizes those files that are used most for the fastest possible access. Users of applications such as CAD/CAM, database applications, and graphic and video intense applications will experience an astonishing increase in speed and response.
Remarkably, I-FAAST 2.0 can actually boost file access and creation to speeds above and beyond the capabilities of the system when it was new - as much as 80% faster in some cases.
Combined with its many other features (hyperlink to features), Diskeeper 2007 Pro Premier will extend the life and increase the efficiency of your systems while greatly increasing workplace productivity.

With InvisiTasking, except for the exceptional boost in performance, you'll never know it's there because it runs with absolute transparency making your systems faster and more stable than ever.

Diskeeper Pro Premier Features:
- new! invisiTasking™ allows Diskeeper to run invisibly, keeping your PC ultra-fast while you are using it. You will never even know Diskeeper is running - except for the speed increase of course!
- new! real-time defragmentation automatically handles fragmentation as it occurs - you don't have to do a thing.
- new! I-FAAST™ 2.0 dramatically increases file access times through intelligent monitoring of computing patterns. Learns which files are needed most and greatly accelerates access and create times for faster overall performance. File access and creation can be increased as much as 80%, with average increases of 10-20%.
- New! Supports user-selection of files for I-FAAST processing.
- New! Improved Boot Optimization for peak performance.
- new! Easy-to-use user interface makes installation a snap. Plus get reports on your disk's health and performance.
- new! Automatic online directory consolidation boosts virus scans, back-ups and file searches.
- FREE SPACE CONSOLIDATION so new files are created contiguously (in the shortest possible time) and thereafter can be read in a single operation.
- Native 64 bit operating systems support.
- BOOT-TIME MODE safely performs Microsoft®-recommended defragmentation of critical system files including directory consolidation, paging file, Master File Table (MFT), metadata, and more.
- LOW FREE SPACE DEFRAGMENTATION - defragments in low free space conditions.
- HISTORICAL REPORTING tracks the progress of Diskeeper over time and displays cumulative defragmentation benefits.
power management for laptops prolongs battery life by suspending background defragmentation while on battery power.
- CURRENT CUSTOMERS - upgrading is easy! Your prior settings are maintained

WHAT`S NEW in Diskeeper 2007:
- Diskeeper 2007 is a software solution like no other. Using a brand new technology called InvisiTasking, Diskeeper 2007 is able to do what has never been done before – defrag the hard drive on the fly in real time and eliminate fragmentation as it occurs (click here for more info on fragmentation).
- Diskeeper 2007 with InvisiTasking will change the world of computing in a significant way. Now, with Diskeeper 2007, computers will always run at their maximum peak performance, with no fragmentation related issues, for the life of the system.
Best of all, Diskeeper 2007 will do this automatically, without further input or supervision from the user. Just install Diskeeper 2007 on your home computer or network, and Diskeeper takes care of the rest.
- With InvisiTasking, Diskeeper 2007 will run with complete transparency in the background. There will never be a conflict with resources or a need for scheduling. The only way you will know Diskeeper 2007 is there is the dramatic increase in performance and reliability that you will experience after installation.

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Download Diskeeper Home

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Download Diskeeper Pro Premier

Download Diskeeper Server

Download Diskeeper Enterprise Server

Download Diskeeper Administrator


O&O Defrag 10.0 Build 1634 Professional/ Server Edition

O&O Defrag puts is a replacement for the standard Windows defragmenter, that offers a much advanced set of features. It puts fragmented files together and maximizes your system speed and offers five different defragmentation strategies, as well as OneButtonDefrag technology for automatic adjustment of the settings best fitting for your system. The program can defragment drives manually, or fully automatic in the background, keeping your system at peak performance by avoiding build-up of file fragmentation. Defragmentation jobs can also be scheduled, using various criteria. Additional features include status reports, cluster inspector, command line interface, optional MMC integration, boot time defragmentation, special support for mobile systems and more.

O&O Defrag solves the performance and stability problems of Windows workstations and servers caused by fragmented hard disks. Fragmentation is the main cause of significant losses in performance in Windows. Due to the fact that the hard disk is the slowest component of a computer, its optimization is an especially important issue. By using O&O Defrag, files can be read and written much more quickly. What at first seems to be lost performance can easily be rediscovered and realized again with O&O Defrag, giving you the peace of mind that your hardware is in good health and operating optimally.

O&O Defrag 10 is the newest generation of the very successful O&O Defrag. Simply, quickly, and securely, you can get the maximum performance out of your expensive hardware investments - and all this with only a tiny investment of time and energy! The new O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition for Windows-based workstations unlocks the hidden Performance of your computer. This software will optimize your hard disk in Windows Vista, XP Home, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional, securely repacking fragmented files together for more efficiency. In addition, O&O Defrag 10 Professional Edition boasts outstanding usability and a myriad of important functions not found in any other defragmentation software platforms on the market today.

• Automatic and self-adjusting defragmentation in the background (O&O OneButtonDefrag)
• Select from different profiles for the automatic defragmenation of PCs and servers
• Expanded job scheduling for custom strategies for automatic defragmentation
• Status monitor and control direct from the Task Tray
• Completely overhauled interface for increased usability
• Expanded O&O Defrag Wizard for quick configuration
• O&O ActivityGuard Pro for even less system loads
• Expanded Power Management for Notebooks
• ScreenSaver Mode
• Integrated O&O Defrag ScreenSaver with 3-D animation
• Five unique defragmentation methods for different optimization strategies
• Support for all current Windows operating systems in 32- and 64-bit
• Support of all Windows drives in configuration and sizes

O&O Defrag Professional Edition runs with the following operating systems:
+ Windows 2000 Professional
+ Windows XP Home Edition
+ Windows XP Professional Edition x32/x64
+ Windows Vista (all editions, x32/x64)

New with Defrag 10:
- We have completely overhauled the user interface for our new O&O Defrag 10 as well as adapting it to Windows Vista. The new Ribbon Bar makes it easy for you to find functions or settings. Numerous revisions have been made to the already renowned methods and options. For example, the popular “OneButtonDefrag” offers individual setting options for your computer and its intended usage. This makes Defragmentation even easier and more effective than ever before.

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Size: 12.2 MB

Download Professional Edition

Download Server Edition


CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) 1.40.520

CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) is a freeware system optimization tool. That removes unused and temporary files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster, more efficiently and giving you more hard disk space. The best part is that it's fast! (normally taking less that a second to run) and Free.

Cleans the following:
- Internet Explorer: Temporary files, URL history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat.
- Firefox: Temporary files, URL history, cookies, download history.
- Opera: Temporary files, URL history, cookies.
- Windows: Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files and Log files.
- Registry cleaner: Advanced features to remove unused and old entries, including File Extensions, ActiveX Controls, ClassIDs, ProgIDs, Uninstallers, Shared DLLs, Fonts, Help Files, Application Paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and more... also comes with a comprehensive backup feature.
- Third-party applications: mRemoves temp files and recent file lists (MRUs) from many apps including Media Player, eMule, Kazaa, Google Toolbar, Netscape, MS Office, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinAce, WinZip and many more...
- 100% Spyware FREE: This software does NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.

Changes in version 1.40.520:
- Fixed problem with Vista UAC compatibility.
- Fixed bug in Secure Delete when emptying Recycle Bin.
- Fixed bug in Secure Delete with 0 byte files.
- Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool with non-standard entries.
- Resource file loading optimizations.
- Updated Windows Live toolbar cleaning.
- Added Bulgarian translation.
- Updated several translations.
- Updated installer engine.
- Minor bug fixes.

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Size: 2.59 MB



Snarfer 0.8.3

Snarfer - the Best Way to Read, Search and Manage RSS! Fast, Powerfull and always FREE!

Snarfer is an easy, fast and free approach to enjoying RSS, ATOM, and XML feeds. Snarfer comes with hundreds of feeds to choose from, includes a tabbed browser and has wizards to help you construct complex searches for EBay and Craigslist that update as new results become available. Snarfer can synchronize with the free Bloglines service so you can access your feeds from another location (like the office or an Internet cafe) with a browser.
Snarfer is multilanguage and works on Windows XP (all), Vista.

Changes in version 0.8.3 - May 8, 2007 :
• Added an option to close to the system tray instead of exiting (on by default).
• The font and font size used in the message view can now be set from the Options dialog.
• Added the ability to close tabs with the middle mouse button.
• Added more search options to the Craigslist and eBay plugins.
• Authors with email addresses or web pages are now displayed as clickable links in the message view.
• Added the ability to launch a custom browser application (with a registry entry).
• Added a keyboard shortcut for viewing the original article (Enter).

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Size: 385 KB



UltimateDefrag 1.52

UltimateDefrag is the world's most powerful defragger in terms of the file placement flexibility it gives you for defragging and strategically placing files on your hard drive - right down to the individual file level. With The Defragger And File Placement Optimizer That Lets You Defrag & Optimize Your Hard Drive - Any Way You Want To!

UltimateDefrag is the Ultimate Defragger and File Placement Optimizer. Defragging hard drives helps to restore your hard drive performance. File placement optimizing on the other hand, boosts your theoretical hard drive file access performance by up to 300% of manufacturers quoted averages (typical performance increase you'll experience is between 25 and 100%) by placing the files you want performance from onto the faster performing (outer tracks) areas of your hard drive. With UltimateDefrag - you can specify which individual files, programs or games you want the best performance from. The "Archive" function places all of your unused files out of the way and onto the slower performing areas of your hard drive.

If you run complex games, simulations and applications, UltimateDefrag gives you the capability to place the files associated with these applications in the position on your hard drive that will give you the best performance possible.
Now watch your programs launch faster! Your games perform like they never have! Experience a Windows Desktop and Operating System with the same sprightly performance as when your PC was brand new!

UltimateDefrag Features:
• Achieve Optimum Performance Hard Drive File Access That Gives You A Much More Responsive PC
• Strategic File Placement Gives You Complete Control Over Which Files And Programs You Want Increased Performance From
• Place Unused Data (such as ZIP Files and unused Windows files) Out Of The Way
• Place Directories In The Optimum Position For Superior Performance
• Defrag with as little as 1% FREE space
• Enjoy fast 3 to 5 minute complete defrags
• Choose From 4 Powerful Defrag Methods With Over 33 Defrag Option Combinations
• Make Full Drives Perform Almost Like They've Been Newly Formatted
• You No Longer Need To Consider Partitioning - UltimateDefrag Is Like Partitioning-On-The-Fly!
• The First Complete "DISK" Metaphor In Any Defragger
• Say Goodbye To "Hard Drive Fatigue" Forever!
• Based Upon True Scientific And Natural Laws
• More Than Just A Defragger - It's Also a File Placement Optimizer
• Defragging Defrags Your Files - UltimateDefrag Defrags Your File System
• Nothing "Black Box" about this - you have total control over which files go where
• Flexible Scheduling lets you defrag while you're away from your computer
• All This In An Incredibly Powerful Program That's Less Than 1 Mb In Size!

Changes in UltimateDefrag 1.52 :
- UltimateDefrag will now install and run with Windows Vista with full administrator privileges.
- Added Option To Make UltimateDefrag The Default Windows XP OR VISTA Defragger
- Added Topics In Manual With Items Specifically Relating To VISTA
- Replaced Program Icon To Reflect The New Design
- Fixed the problem with the program not running when users had Logitech mouse and keyboard system tray apps running has been corrected. Was caused by the license protection mechanism and not the program itself.

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Size: 5.55 MB



Free Download Manager 2.3 Build 627 Beta 3

Free Download Manager (FDM) is a light-weight, powerful and easy-to-use application, a full-featured download accelerator and manager. It allows you to download files and whole web sites from any remote server via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. With FDM the downloading process will be as easy as never! With FDM you needn't start the downloading from the beginning after casual interruption. You can resume unfinished download from the place where it have been interrupted. Also this program warns you if some servers don't support download resuming. It allows you to make a decision about the downloading. So with FDM you save your time and money.

Free Download Manager never downloads the whole file at once. It splits files into several sections and then downloads them at the same time allowing you to increase your download speed up to 600%. Free Download Manager can be used to organize your downloads, set the connection, launch the programs. Features of the download manager include: easy integration with Internet Explorer and Opera, powerful scheduler, antivirus integration, adjusting traffic usage, resuming downloads, downloading complete websites...

Changes in version 2.3:
[+] Portable mode
[+] Bittorrent protocol support
[+] Metalink support
[+] Macroses for specifying the output folder for downloads
[+] Site Explorer: Progress of building of the list of files
[+] Option to disable notifications for batch downloads
[+] Ability to specify the list of sites that should not be monitored
[+] Automatic integrity check of downloaded file
[+] Take proxy settings from Firefox browser
[+] Sub groups
[+] "Grant all bandwidth for this download" feature
[+] Ability to change the folder for storing FDM's data files.
[+] Some small improvements and changes
[*] Speedup of work with the large lists of downloads
[*] Interface improvements
[-] Site Explorer: crash if some network error occurs while building the list of files
[-] Senseless loop, if zip preview failed
[-] Zip preview did not work for sites that allow 1 connection per ip only
[-] Downloaded file was launched before performing the virus check
[-] Work with FTP ASCII mode bug fixed
[-] Scheduler: when scheduling a download to start "Every ..." it will show "0 days" instead of hours or minutes.
[-] Failed to download if there was '%' symbol in the FTP url.
[-] General bug fixes

Changes in this version:
[+] Flash video downloads (e.g. from site)
[+] Audio/video files converter
[+] Ability to remember the last used folder for storing downloads
[-] Some fixes in Bittorrent protocol support module

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Size: 4.21 MB

Download Beta


VSO Blindwrite Suite

Blindwrite, your ultimate game copy back up tool! BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your media to your harddrive to reproduce a working copy of your media. It allows you to protect your investments against damage caused by children, scratches or by frequent use. Your personal CD or DVD backups can even be run directly from your computer using a virtual drive (i.e. Daemon Tools). Blind write's Game Copy Software supports a large number of formats and is regularly updated to support the latest technology.

Combined with CopyToDVD, it is a complete set of software for all your backup needs: data files, 1:1 CD/DVD backups, audio CDs from music files and DVD movies. A must-have! Blind Write supports all popular CD/DVD writers and handles every available DVD format (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R Double Layer, DVD-R Dual Layer).

Key features of BlindWrite :
• Completely new interface, easier to use than ever before, one-click style
• Supports graphical themes, allowing you to customize the look and feel
• New reading and writing engine, now supports both CD and DVD
• Works with most hardware, hightly optimized for finest CD/DVD writers
• Supports a large number of formats: BlindWrite 4.x (.BWT), CloneCD (.CCD), Iso images (.ISO), Cuesheet/Binary (.CUE/.BIN), Alcohol (.MDS)
• Multi-language support (English, French, German, and lots more)
• Voice notifications for program events
• Extended log information for easy technical support
• Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003

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Adobe Shockwave Player

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Shockwave Player is the web standard for powerful multimedia playback. Shockwave Player allows you to view interactive web content like games, business presentations, entertainment, and advertisements from your web browser. You can enjoy multimedia games, learning applications, streaming audio, interactive animation and product demonstrations on the Web, using exciting new 3D technology.

Over 390 million Web users have installed Adobe Shockwave Player. These people now have access to some of the best the Web has to offer - including dazzling 3D games and entertainment, interactive product demonstrations, and online learning applications. Shockwave Player displays Web content that has been created by Macromedia Director.

The difference between the Flash and Shockwave Players :
Flash and Shockwave Players are both free web Players from Adobe. Together, they bring you the best rich media content on the Internet. Each has a distinct purpose. Flash Player delivers fast loading front-end web applications, high-impact web site user interaction, interactive online advertising, and short to medium form animation.

Shockwave Player displays destination web content such as interactive multimedia product demos and training, e-merchandising applications, and rich-media multi-user games. Through Xtras, Shockwave Player is also extendable to playback custom-built applications.

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Size: 5.44 MB

Download Full for Netscape and IE

Download Slim for Netscape and IE

Install Directly from Adobe


Webroot Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus

Award-winning anti-spyware combined with powerful antivirus protection! Get complete protection from the two most dangerous threats on the Internet - spyware and viruses - in a single, easy-to-use solution.

Spy Sweeperwith AntiVirus is the only tool you need to stay safe from viruses and spyware. It offers award-winning anti-spyware software combined with powerful antivirus protection. When you install Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus on your PC, you can go anywhere on the Internet without fear of infection.

Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus gives you 360 degrees of protection. Powerful Smart Shields block threats as you browse - before they ever reach your computer. If your PC is already infected, your Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus software uses advanced discovery methods to find and completely destroy malicious programs hiding within your PC. Virus and spyware attacks can wreck your computer – making it impossible to use. Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus quickly and effectively provides maximum protection with minimal interaction. The software is easy for users of all abilities to stay protected. Now compatible with Windows Vista.

Product features include:
• All-in-one Protection From Spyware and Viruses - Detect and disinfect viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms at the point of infection to keep your PC safe
• Fast, Complete Disinfection - Your PC can be completely cleaned and disinfected in just a couple of mouse clicks - it's that easy.
• Hands-off Protection - Protect your PC and your Internet activities without any cumbersome configuration using Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus software.
• Shields Summary - Your shields summary page makes it simple to see at a glance which shields are on or off
• Action Alerts - Receive clear, easy-to-understand notifications when new spyware threats are detected

Additional Highlights:
• Comprehensive Virus Protection
Dangerous viruses don't stand a chance with SpySweeper with AntiVirus software. With virus detection from Sophos built in, this robust program offers computer virus protection to keep your PC safe.
• Install quickly and easily
You don't have to be a computer geek to run Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus software. Use the simple, straight-forward installation wizard to get the maximum protection.
• Single Defense Updates
Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus software downloads the latest defense updates on a daily basis. You can rest assured that you have the latest virus protection without any extra work on your part.
• Choose a Quick, Full or Custom sweep
With Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus software, you can easily choose to perform a quick, full or customized sweeps. If you're looking for an immediate diagnosis, choose a quick sweep. For a pinpointed search, customize your sweep to have Spy Sweeper skip files by folder or file extension. For a deep cleaning, opt for a full sweep.
• Exclude Files from a Sweep
Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus allows you to save time during a sweep by skipping specific files or different sections of your PC. You can select specific file extension, such as .xls or .mpg to exclude.

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MindSoft Utilities XP 9.8

Accelerates. Repairs. Optimizes. Protects.
Mindsoft Utilities XP is designed entirely for the very same purpose. With 18 high performance utilities, MindSoft provides XP users the unique opportunity to pinpoint the problems plaguing their computers and take remedial measures by themselves, along with some very well equipped help from the Mindsoft Utilities XP.

You can speed your PC up in an spectacular way thanks to the new SPC? techonology. Defrag your disk units in a short time. Analyze and repair your hard disks. Recover so much space that your hard disk will look like new. Avoid failures and accelerate your PC as if you had bought more RAM memory. Use the new ActiveMemory? technology to make your system stable. Examine your computer like a real forensic. Locate and find solutions to the typical problems in your computer. Accelerate your Internet connection in an spectacular way thanks to IntelliPackages? technology. Analyze and correct failures in your hard disks. Accelerate your favourite programs speed. Avoid failures in your PC. All this and much more in this new and awaited version of MindSoft Utilities for Windows XP.

Mindsoft Utilities:
* MindSoft Defrag. Optimize your hard disks with this powerful defragmentation tool.
* MindSoft FreRAM. Increase your system performance by cleaning the content of your RAM.
* MindSoft Internet Optimizer. Boost and optimize the speed of your Internet connection with this program.
* MindSoft Maintenance. This program allows you to examine your system in search of problems, and to solve them.
* MindSoft Registry Cleaner. Safely scan and repair registry problems which are a cause of Windows errors and crashes.
* MindSoft Safe Registry. Backup the Registry and Restore it when Windows crashes.
* MindSoft Scandisk. Disk analysis and repair tool that checks your drives for errors and corrects any problems that it finds.
* MindSoft System Restore. Create restoration points making sure you will be able to go back when facing changes in your system.
* MindSoft CleanUp. CleanUp is an advanced hard disk cleaner able to erase useless files in a quick and useful way.
* MindSoft Uninstaller. Uninstaller is a tool created to help you maintain your installed programs.
* MindSoft Undelete. Undelete is an easy to use program that allows you recover deleted files from your hard drives.
* MindSoft Wipe. Erase files and folders in a definitive and secure way. You won?t be able to recover them.
* MindSoft Renamer. Batch rename your files in seconds with our powerful file renamer.
* MindSoft Shelter. Encrypt your files and folders to protect your most valuable information.
* MindSoft Split. Split any file into sections of any size and later reconstruct the sections to form the original file.
* MindSoft StarUp. Control which programs are starting automatically at Windows start up.
* MindSoft System Information. Check the exact elements your PC is made of, use the graphics to have complete control of your equipment.
* MindSoft Shutdown. Schedule hibernation, shut down, logoff, restart, etc. A simple program that will become a must for you.

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Size: 16.2 MB



Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility

The Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility installs Windows* INF files to the target system.

These files outline to the operating system how to configure the Intel(R) chipset components in order to ensure that the following features function properly:

- Core PCI and ISAPNP Services

- PCIe Support
- IDE/ATA33/ATA66/ATA100 Storage Support
- SATA Storage Support
- USB Support
- Identification of Intel(R) Chipset Components in the Device Manager

The Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility is validated on the following Microsoft operating systems:
- Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1
- Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition
- Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
- Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2
- Microsoft Vista

The Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility contains support for the All Intel Chipsets.

Size: 2.29 MB