Firelion Anti Keyloggers 1.0

That's why you need [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers -- the fastest and easiest way to immunize your PC against keyloggers. [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers is complete. There is nothing else to buy and no third-party databases to go out of date. You simply download, install and run. That's all there is to it. [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers goes right to work protecting your PC from keylogger attacks.

But it doesn't stop there.

[FireLion] Anti Keyloggers is just as effective at blocking unknown keyloggers as it is at blocking those that have been around for years. That's because [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers doesn't depend upon quickly-outdated "signature files" to protect you and your PC.

That's right! [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers is specially designed to detect unknown keyloggers!

Keyloggers come in these three basic categories:

1) Kernel-based: These are the most difficult type of keylogger to detect. That's because they hide themselves inside of the operating system (O/S) kernel where most other anti-keylogger programs can't find them. Once they become part of the kernel they have direct access to your PC's hardware and file systems. This makes it very easy to copy what you are typing. A kernel-based keylogger can tell your PC to "ignore" what it is doing. Your PC has no choice other than to obey.

[FireLion] Anti Keyloggers protects you from these kernel-based keyloggers even though they are the hardest to detect.

2) Hook-based: These types of keyloggers uses native O/S "hooks" to monitor the keyboard and record every key press.

[FireLion] Anti Keyloggers protects you from these hook-based keyloggers and warns you if your keyboard is being monitored.

3) Other known exploits: Certain keyloggers use other O/S hooks and functions such as GetAsyncKeyState, GetKeyboardState, GetRawInputData, etc., to trap and record keyboard characters.

It doesn't matter what type of technology a keylogger uses; [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers protects you from them all!

Here's why [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers offers the best protection...

After a keylogger has gathered it's hourly or daily quota of stolen keystrokes from your computer, it bundles the data into a special file and sends it to the hacker using e-mail and your own Internet connection. No, you won't find that email in your sent folder. In fact, you won't find it anywhere at all. But [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers is smart. It silently monitors the internal processes that any keylogger needs to access in order to send email.

Once it detects an unauthorized attempt to send email, it pops up an alert screen showing you exactly what is going on and what application is trying to send the mail. That way, if you're unfortunate enough to be infected with a brand new keylogger that even [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers doesn't know about yet, you're still protected!

And if that's all the extra protection that [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers offered, it would be well worth its low, low price. But the tech team didn't stop there...

Not all keyloggers use email to deliver their dishonest spoils. Some will try to use available network connections or exploit other Windows vulnerabilities. That's not a problem when you're protected by [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers. If any unauthorized application tries to push information out of your PC, [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers will stop it cold. You have complete control over what programs [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers allows outside access to.

And here's something else that [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers does that the top competitors can't do...

[FireLion] Anti Keyloggers passes all Anti-Keylogger Tests designed to catch keyloggers that use any of these 7 possible exploits:

* GetKeyState
* GetAsyncKeyState
* DirectX
* GetKeyboardState
* LowLevel Keyboard Hook (SetWindowsHookEx)
* JournalRecord Hook (SetWindowsHookEx)
* GetRawInputData

Remember -- [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers uses advanced technology. It doesn't depend upon signature file databases, a low-tech solution offered by many competing products. This makes [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers just as effective at blocking unknown keyloggers as it is at blocking those that have been around for years. [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers looks for and responds to threatening activity to protect you and your PC.

Everybody likes to be recognized, but here's one list you don't want to find yourself on:

* Hackers using a keylogger to monitor Florida businessman Joe Lopez's online banking transactions cleaned out $90,000 from his Bank of America account. The money had been transferred to Latvia.

* Hackers used keyloggers to steal over $1million from client accounts at Nordea, a major Scandinavian bank .

* London police narrowly missed preventing hackers from stealing $423 million from client accounts at a major London bank. The keylogger enabled the hackers to track all the keystrokes entered when victims used the bank’s client interface.

* $4.7million was stolen from customers of a Brazilian bank after hackers secretly implanted a keylogger on the bank's web site that recorded customers whenever they signed in to do their online banking.

You don't have to put your finances at risk. You don't have to have your identity stolen or your business secrets revealed to competitors. And you don't even have to worry about your spouse secretly installing software to see what you're up to online...

All you have to do is download your own copy of [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers right now and get protected. Do the right thing for yourself and your family. Get your copy of [FireLion] Anti Keyloggers right now. At just $, it's the best protection you can buy at the lowest possible price.

System Requirements:

* Microsoft® Windows® NT, XP, 2000, 2003 and Vista
* 300 MHz processor
* 128 MB RAM
* 20 MB hard disk

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