AIO Flash Tools 21 in 1

21 Recomended Soft For Flash users...

Aio made with 21 of useful flash tools for unlimited flash creation
* Added 21 HQ flash appz
* Program previews with build in flash slideshow
* Most of them are portable and cracked (the others include crack/serial)
* Flash in the AIO created with some of the tools inside

EZ Save Flash - is an Internet Explorer add-on that enables you to save Flash (.swf) files in just one click. The program integrates into the IE context menu and makes new options available when right-clicking on a Flash item. You can choose to Save as..., Flash list and more.The program also offers a floating Flash toolbar similar to the IE image toolbar that has the same functionality whenever you hover your mouse over a Flash file in IE.To speed things up, you can also use the Flash List on the floating toolbar to save multiple Flash files at once. It opens a dialog that displays thumbnail versions of all Flash items on the page and then allows you to select the ones to be saved to disk.

Features include:
* One click saving
* Saving multiple Flash files in a web page
* Internet Explorer cache browsing
* Embed in IE and Flash context menu
* Float Panel hotkey

Amara Slideshow builder - Use this program to make website flash slideshows with menu music and standalone exe's etc.

AnFX - (pronounced: anne-eff-ecks) stands for "Animation and Effects" and that's exactly what it is!
AnFX is a full featured, yet easy to learn interactive animation tool: It is powerful enough for the most demanding web master yet simple enough for a home user to create impressive interactive content for their home page. AnFX is an exciting, revolutionary, easy to learn tool that lets anyone harness the power of Flash? or Java? to produce eye catching web animations containing not just text but shapes, images and audio also. AnFX is a software that allows you to create flash animations.

3D Flash Animator - gives you everything you need to create Flash animations and games for web pages. Includes vector graphics with gradients, textures, 3D effects and shadows, buttons and animated menus. 2D and 3D text with loads of text effects and transitions including motion blur. Develop games with velocity and acceleration. Includes advanced features such as complete Flash MX action scripting and 3D animation.

BluffTitler DX9 - Want to impress your friends and clients with cool 3D titles? But don't want to spend a fortune on professional 3D animation and video titling software? BluffTitler is the easiest way to add spectacular 3D text animations to your photos and videos!

Boomer Audio - Add streaming Flash audio to your web pages that works at 56Kbps and take the benefits of using Flash MX compression technology. Convert your WAV and MP3 files seamlessly just drag and drop them into Boomer Audio and convert. With Mp3's just right click and convert the file instantly.Produces at your option a complete web page with the necessary HTML code generated by Boomer Audio. Faster load times, smaller file sizes, and a free format unlike other formats, you can never be charged for its use (it says trial but the program is registered anyway).

Boomer Video - Create Flash web Buttons, Logos, Banner Ads or Slideshows for your Website.
Make presentations: Panning, Fade-in, Fade-out, Transitions, Carousel and more, all the effects you need to produce fast and clean presentations. Convert images: Any static or animated GIF, JPEG, AVI, BMP and PNG to the Flash format.
Audio linkage: Use the playback feature to replace your Media Player.
Create Flash movies taking advantage of the new Flash MX compression technology. Produces at your option a complete web page with the necessary HTML code generated by Boomer Video. Faster load times, smaller file sizes, more security for the authors, and a free format unlike other formats, you can never be charged for its use (it says trial but the program is registered anyway).

CoffeeCup Web JukeBox - Web JukeBox is a music player for your Website. It comes with over 20 cool players that will match any Website design. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can add your mp3's and allow your visitors to listen to them on your Website. It couldn't be any easier. There is no longer a need for you to embed a media player in your Web page, just paste the code created by our program into your existing Web page and presto! It couldn't be any easier.

FlashDemo Pro (use serial) - is a very powerful tool that lets you create professional demos and tutorials without programming knowledge. There are no complicated interfaces and your demonstration or presentation could be ready in just minutes. FlashDemo Pro works by taking a series of screenshots of a running application. It records the actions being taken on the application and so is able to demonstrate a simulation of these actions. FlashDemo Pro allows you to Publish movies in the following formats:
- Flash Movie (.swf)
- Executable File (.exe)
- HTML File (.htm)
- AutoRun CD/DVD Files or burn CD/DVD directly with built-in CD Burner

Sparkle FlashKeeper - manage, preview and browse flash With similar interface as windows explorer, Flash Keeper can help you to browse regular flash files in your local computer and local area network. It supports to drag and drop, copy, cut, dele and paste flash files. In addition to that, you can also see the file's flash version and several attributes like: number of frames, frames per second, width, height, and date created etc on the title bar.
Create screensaver with customer installer Just by several clicks, you can build flash screen saver very easily. You can also set the background color, sound, and expiry limitation, unlock code, Customize the waking up mode, create self installer package and direct install file of the screen savers.SWF to EXE, EXE to SWF bathc converter Convert the selected swf into a standalone projector (exe) file, or get Swf file out of projector (EXE) individually or in bacth.Save, dowload and capture flash After installing flash keeper, a small icon of flash keeper will be added on Internet Explorer's toolbar. While you are surfing on a page including flash files, just click the flash keeper icon or right-click and select "Get flash by flash keeper", you can download all the flash files to your computer.

Reflet - Gifs a water stream effect to pictures with a few clicks.

Flash movie player - One version is portable the other an installer.

Sothink SWF Decompiler - is a professional tool to convert SWF to FLA fully and extract elements from SWF into variable formats. Compatible with all SWF versions and converted FLA is from version 6.0 to 8.0. You can get the fully FLA file including linkage, components, *.as, etc. Also you can choose to extract ActionScripts as txt or bin, sounds as mp3 or wav, images as jpg or bmp or png, videos as flv, shapes as gls, frames/fonts/texts/buttons/sprites as swf to your local computer after an SWF is decompiled. Both SWF and EXE (Flash project) files are supported.

Swf files player - You have saved a Flash movie (SWF file) to your hard drive. What's next? How are you going to play it? With swf files player!

SWF Text - is an author tool of Flash text animation. It embraces 160+ text effects and 40+ background effects, and users may also customize all the properties of a Flash, including font, text color, and layout, etc. With SW FText, a user without any experience of Flash development can easily create a Flash banner or an introductory page within a few minutes. And all you need do is to input text, select font and animation effects. While a veteran Flash designer may use SWF Text for text animation in a project, which sure greatly saves your time and effort.

Video2SWF & aUDIO2SWF - is an extremely easy program to convert your AUDIO files into streaming Macromedia Flash files. Video2SWF is easy to use and is great for displaying your videos on websites, CD-ROMs,and presentations. Is an extremely easy program to convert your VIDEO files into streaming Macromedia Flash files. Video2SWF is easy to use and is great for displaying your videos on websites, CD-ROMs,and presentations.

Easy FlashMaker (SWF Creator) - Easy FlashMaker comes from the same publisher as Aesop. The interface is the same, not very good looking, but intuitive. Also the way you have to create the 'Flash' file is not different from the way you have to create the GIF file in Aesop. You have just to change the properties of the object for every frame.

SWFKit Series 3 released (Flash 9 compatible!) - Create powerful Windows applications from Flash!
swf kit shows you a brand-new software developing solution SWFKit is the leading SWF to EXE tool. SWFKit can build professional Windows desktop applications, screen savers from SWF movies created by Flash Authoring tools such as Macromedia Flash, Flex, Swish Max, etc. It can also create installers..

GetFLV Pro - Comprising six modules designed to do everything from downloading to playing FLV video files. GetFLV can turn your PC into a FLV Studio.

Here are some key features of "GetFLV":
* Capture and Download FLV (FLV Downloader): Help you download FLV and manage FLV Video Files.
* Convert FLV to Video (FLV Converte): r. Convert FLV to regular video files.
* Convert Video to FLV (FLV Maker): . Convert regular video files to FLV format.
* Extract Audio from FLV (FLV Ripper): Extract Audio from FLV to mp3 or other audio format.
* Repair FLV Files (FLV Fixer): Repair FLV video files that can't be seeked.
* Play FLV (FLV Player): A nice and handy FLV Player

Size : 64 MB