Flycryptor 2.0

Keep Your Files in a Secure Locker

Protect your files, folders and removable drives on-the-fly with secure password. Get instant access to protected data, lock and unlock folders with a hot-key. FlyCryptor creates protected folders that are like a password-protected archive - only they don't need an archiver!

Feature List

* Password-protect files, folders and entire removable drives
* Encrypts files, folders and entire removable drives
* Transparent operation: files and folders are encrypted on-the-fly when sent into a protected folder
* Access individual files or entire folder with a single password
* Protect files, folders or USB drives of any size with no volume constraints
* Strong encryption ensures complete security
* Taking out a protected removable drive automatically locks its content
* Configure your folders to lock automatically on a time-out for added protection
* Emergency Lock makes it possible to lock all protected folders with a single hot-key
* Password-protect FlyCryptor for yet another layer of security
* Accessing FlyCryptor-protected USB drive on a public computer does not require FlyCryptor installation