Esperient Creator v3.7

Esperient Creator is an interactive 3D application authoring tool for the creation of visual computing applications including video games, simulations, real-time interactive presentations and 3D user interfaces for either standalone or web based delivery.
The software user interface is based on a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editor interface and supporting specialist editors for animation and scripting of scenes, objects and media in real-time. Creator applications can communicate with 3rd party applications through ActiveX/COM interface or a TCP/IP port. Creator authored scenes can be distributed as executable applications or .esp files viewed with a freely distributable viewer.
The engine behind Esperient Creator is based on DirectX 9.0c, and includes support for the advanced pixel and vertex shader effects.


* Integrated Authoring Environment.
* File Import support for over 30 3D file formats.
* 3D modelling software workflow integration with Autodesk 3DS Max, Maya and Softimage XSI via the RH file format.
* 3D Modeling – over 60 inbuilt modeling primitives and polygonal modeling tools and an extensive modifier/alteration system for parametric modification of primitives and imported meshes.
* Interactive Animation – Keyframed, procedural and real time physics based animation support.
* Dynamics physics/lighting - Particle Systems
* Shaders – advanced support for pixel shaders model 3.0 and vertex shader effects including Bumpmapping, Normalmapping, volumetric imaging, real-time shadows and full screen post process effects. Software ships with over 100 premade shaders effects files.
* Plug-in development through SDK which enables 3rd parties to create plugins for both the authoring environment and/or specific projects.
* Publishing and deployment - scenes can be published to Microsoft Windows executable, or to distributable .esp file viewable with Esperient Viewer or via the Esperient Creator Active-X embeddable viewing component.
* Rendering architecture - based on Microsoft DirectX 9.0c

Size : 183 MB

Download - Part 1

Download - Part 2