ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional 4.1

ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional 4 gives the business professional everything needed to work with PDF files within one, elegant application. "The Best Alternative to Adobe® Acrobat®"™ allows you to create, edit, convert and share PDF documents and forms faster and easier than ever before!

ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional 4 is the complete PDF solution for business users, offering an unmatched combination of creation, editing and conversion features. Renowned security and markup capabilities make PDF document collaboration and control easier than ever before. Edit PDF documents directly just like working in the original file. Use FormTyper to instantly convert static PDF forms into fill-able PDF forms. Advanced PDF/A technology guarantees documents will always display and print reliably while cutting-edge compression techniques reduce file sizes significantly. What's more, integration of Nuance's award-winning RealSpeak text-to-speech technology allows any PDF to even be read aloud! Best of all, PDF Converter Professional is less than a third the price of the alternatives - so you can see what we mean by "Better PDF for Business."

ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional is the first PDF solution designed specifically to meet the needs and new look & feel of Vista. Supported Vista features include 32- and 64-bit, native Vista look & feel, PDF creation that is compliant with the new Vista print sub-system, ability to create XPS from PDF and of course the cool 3D Alt-Tab feature of Vista. The product also supports Microsoft Windows XP and 2000.

NEW! Convert PDF Files into Audio Files!
Convert PDF files into human-sounding audio files and listen on a computer, MP3 player, Apple® iPod®, and more !
As the world's leading provider of speech technology, Nuance realizes that text-to-speech functionality can greatly enhance productivity and allow people with difficulties reading a computer screen to work more effectively. This exciting new PDF Converter Professional 4 feature allows you to work faster and leverage information as never before.
PDF conversion doesn't stop at your PC. Take documents with you wherever you go with PDF-to-Audio publishing. Paper and electronic documents can now be converted into natural sounding audio files for playback or burning to CD. This .wav file output allows any document to be converted into an audio book for portability and convenience.
Convert and easily save PDF your documents as human-sounding RealSpeak™ audio files for Apple iPod and other media players. This lets you share your documents as Podcasts, without the time and expense of manual recordings or take information with you and listen in your car, the beach, at the gym or even while you are waiting in the check-out line at a store!


New features and feature enhancements in version 4.1:
• Enhanced form tools and properties: These tools provide full support of form controls such as text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, pushbuttons, combo and list boxes. They are available in the Tools/Form menu or on the Advanced toolbar. When a new control is created, its property dialog box appears. The property dialog box can also be invoked using the Properties menu in the context menu of the controls. The property dialog provides a standard UI to control
o the appearance parameters
o field values and the format of the acceptable values and default values
o validation of the fields
o actions to be performed when an event happens with the fields
o calculations

• Set Tab Control Tool: This new tool is available in the Tools/Forms menu or on the Advanced toolbar button. It is designed for setting up the filling order of the different fields. When you select this tool, you have to click on the available form controls one after another in the order that you intend to define for filling put your form.
• New Save As features: In addition to the existing conversion features, the File/Save As conversion is extended with filters for JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG and TIFF. It allows you to convert your PDF files into further output formats.
• New Security Panel: The Organizer Panels are extended with the Security Panel. It allows you to create new security schemes. They can be used as templates for creating secure PDF files. The feature is available from the main menu – View/Organizer Panel, the dropdown list of the View toolbar and using a separate button on Advanced toolbar.
• Modified Stamp and ClipArt: The look of these panels has been changed. The stamps and clip arts are organized into groups. The design of these panels indicates this structure, the groups can be expanded and collapsed using the regular indicators; plus and minus signs.
• Enhanced Interwoven iManage support: Two new features have been added to this release to enhance the iManage support.
o Enabling server selection. If the document management system consists of several iManage servers, you can select the server where the PDF files are opened from or saved to. You can Register/Unregister servers using an item in Edit menu. You can select the desired server in the WorkSite Open dialog and the file will be saved to the same location. You have to select the server before adding new file to the document management system.
o Support of automatic login to WorkSite servers: If it is required, the product stores the login information in a secure way. Whenever the user later attempts to connect to the server, the product uses the saved login information to establish the connection.

• Enhanced Hummingbird support: This release provides closer integration into Hummingbird Client (Window Explorer DM Extension). Double-click on a PDF file in Hummingbird Client, the file is opened in PDF Converter Professional 4.0. The file is checked in immediately, when you save the changes and close the document. You have to modify the server component first. You have to create a Launch Method for Acrobat application using Library Maintenance utility with the following parameters.
1. Description: PDF Converter Professional 4
2. Location: PDFPLUS.EXE
3. Command line parameter: %FULLPATH
4. Integration: No Integration

The Save To Hummingbird feature is also modified. The files opened from Hummingbird server are checked in with the Replace original option automatically selected.

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