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ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware built for those who enjoy knowing that they have complete control over the security of their PC, ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware delivers Active Protection in the form of real-time blocking. Sleek performance, an elegant user interface, and ease of use wrap around powerful technology and exclusive functionality. Going beyond simple detect and remove capabilities, ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware puts the power in your hands to take a pro-active stance against the intrusive and malicious spyware that threaten your PC and your privacy.

ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware offers an advanced set of tools designed to protect you from spyware threats. There are two lines of defense:
- Scanning and Removal. ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware provides effective scanning and removal of spyware. The technology behind this process involves the use of a powerful database of known spyware items. There are frequent database updates that are free and fast. With these updates your computer is safe from the most current spyware threats. You also have several methods of scanning to choose from including automatic scans.
- Active Protection. To prevent unwanted items infecting your computer, ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware provides Active Protection. Now you can monitor Internet and system activity whenever you use your computer.

Features/Benefits for you to enjoy:
* Active Protection (Real-Time Blocking) establishes a safeguard that automatically detects a potentially unwanted application that is attempting to download to your computer, alerting you to the threat and providing you with effective blocking options
* Customizable scanning processes allow you to choose the depth of scan including scanning for running processes, registry entries, files and folders
* Scrupulous detection and removal of adware, spyware, pop-up ads, keyloggers, trojans, hijackers, malware, and other potentially unwanted applications
* One of the largest and continually growing definition databases of known and emerging threats in the industry protects ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware users
*Feature and definition database updates are delivered to you automatically ensuring that you have the very latest in spyware protection
*Our Backup and Restore feature allows you to restore previously removed items so you never have to worry about inadvertently removing a desirable file
*Cycle Detection, the first of its kind and exclusive to ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware, prevents recurring loops where an alert message pops up repeatedly by detecting this loop and presenting these details so you can stop the loop in its tracks
*Automated functionality including scheduled scanning, automatic restoration of your browser page, and automatic blocking and logging, simplify your security tasks and save you time
*Customer Care and Support that is second to none as we consider it a privilege to be of service to you and look forward to being a part of your PC security strategy as we ensure that you are never alone in your endeavour to secure yourself and your PC from spyware

Spyware can infect home and business computers unknowingly when you surf the Internet or share files. Difficult to find and hard to remove, spyware can steal confidential information resulting in identity theft and credit card fraud. The term "malware", derived from the words: "malicious" and "software", is also used to describe these computer threats.

Spyware symptoms and characteristics include the following:
  • Popup ads - displays advertisements intrusively
  • Keyloggers - records your personal data
  • Browser hijackers - changes your web browser settings
  • Remote influence - influences or controls your computer remotely
  • Unsolicited files - makes attempts to download and install files on your computer
  • Shutdown or disable - disables programs or processes
  • Unauthorized phone calls - makes calls via the phone modem
  • Security flaw exploits - takes advantage of system or network flaws for remote access
  • Internet connection floods - interrupts or temporarily disables an Internet connection
  • Threat proliferation - spreads quickly and easily from computer to computer
  • Tracking - tracks your Internet activity and can send this information remotely
  • Installation - installs software on your machine without your consent
  • Uninstallation - makes uninstalling and removing the item difficult
  • Privacy and Consent - fails to properly disclose potential privacy risks

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