Comodo Personal Firewall Beta

Comodo Personal Firewall is one of the most powerful and smartest personal firewalls you can ever see. Introduced into the market just in March 2006. Comodo's Personal Firewall quickly gained a reputation as a high quality firewall suitable for both home users and corporate networks. It features both inbound and outbound packet filtering in combination with robust outbound application filtering at the network layer. The new-look interface facilitates quick and easy access to all major settings, including the powerful and highly configurable security rules interface.

While providing answers to firewall’s questions, users usually do not understand the complex questions which involve complicated connection details like IP addresses, Ports, Application paths etc. Comodo Personal Firewall helps you to understand what is going on by analyzing each alert and providing you an intuitive, easily understandable Security Considerations section with each question it asks.With its built-in application database, Comodo Personal Firewall classifies more than 10.000 applications according to their risk level such as SAFE, SPYWARE, ADWARE etc. It is the only personal firewall which has such a big application database and which uses such a database to analyze the security risks. Comodo Personal Firewall is a complete, easy to manage and effective barrier that keeps hackers out and personal information in.

COMODO Free Personal Firewall 2.0 rated as a PC Magazine "Editor's Choice" - "a kick-ass free firewall ... [that] brings excitement back to the free-firewall category".

- Constantly monitors and defends your PC from internet attacks
- Free maintenance upgrades
- Gain complete control over which programs are allowed internet access
- Stay protected against new threats via automatic online updates
- Real time traffic monitoring enables you to react instantly to threats and identify bandwidth bottlenecks.
- Easy to use interface and quick setup
- No license fee
– complete protection at no cost for networks and home users

What's new in Version 2.0:
NEW! Application Component Authentication
NEW! Application Behavior Analysis
NEW! Defense against Trojan Protocols
NEW! 'Smart' Popup Alerts
NEW! Windows Security Center Integration
NEW! Self Protection against Critical Process Termination
NEW! PC Security During PC start up
NEW! Automatic Update feature
NEW! Error Reporting Interface
IMPROVED! Firewall Logging
IMPROVED! Security Rules Interface
IMPROVED! Application Activity Contro
lIMPROVED! Graphical User Interface
IMPROVED! Application Recognition Database (Exclusive!)

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License: Freeware
Size: 9.66 MB
Activate Comodo Personal Firewall in order to get your free license
After activation, the license will never expire.