Adobe After Effects 7.0.1

Animate your ideas! Adobe® After Effects® 7.0 software helps you create compelling motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects with efficiency, precision, and infinite variety. Take advantage of unmatched integration with other Adobe software, flexible 2D and 3D compositing, and hundreds of effects and Animation Presets to bring a new dimension to your film, video, DVD, and Macromedia® Flash® productions. Bring infinite variety to your work with 2D and 3D compositing and hundreds of effects and Animation Presets. Work in real time with new OpenGL acceleration, a redesigned interface, and tighter integration with key Adobe applications. And take control with professional color-correction tools and a new Graph Editor that help you achieve unprecedented precision.

Top new features:
Adobe® After Effects® 7.0 software is loaded with improvements designed to help you create outstanding, original work. A redesigned UI and a new Graph Editor help streamline your workflow, new presets and effects enhance your creativity, and 32-bit float High Dynamic Range (HDR) color support (Professional Edition only) helps you achieve greater precision.

Creative empowerment:
- Timesaving Animation and Behavior Presets plus project templates. Produce great-looking animations quickly using hundreds of fully customizable Animation Presets, including presets for animating text, effects, transitions, backgrounds, and behaviors. Use included project templates for DVD motion menus and motion graphics backgrounds.
- Timewarp. Slow down and speed up footage with smooth, crisp results and minimal artifacts. Timewarp analyzes pixel motion to create more accurate in-between frames. (Professional edition only.)
- Character-level blurs. Create and animate blurs on a per-character basis for eye-catching text animations.
- Creative blur effects. Re-create the effect of a defocused camera lens easily and realistically with new Lens Blur, and use new Smart Blur to create soft color effects without destroying fine detail. Use a variety of other blur effects for specific situations, including Directional Blur, Box Blur, and Gaussian Blur.

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