VanDyke SecureFX 6.0.3

SecureFX lets you choose between SFTP or FTP over SSL (TLS) for secure transfers, or standard FTP for nonsecure transfers. It has an easy to use, Explorer-like interface with full support for drag-and-drop file transfers to and from the desktop and other applications. At the same time, SecureFX provides you with the power to automate secure file transfers, synchronize local and remote files, and perform server-to-server transfers.

SecureFX is a high-security file transfer client with great flexibility in configuration and transfer protocols. SecureFX includes a command-line utility for scripting batch jobs to perform secure unattended file transfers using the Secure Shell protocol (SSH). SecureFX also supports "relentless" file transfers that automatically reconnect and resume when transfer connections are broken.

Key Features :
• Drag and drop: SecureFX allows you to drag and drop (or copy and paste) files to and from Windows Explorer, the desktop, and other applications (e.g., WinZip), letting you transfer files more easily.
• Integration with SecureCRT: SecureFX and SecureCRT can share the global options, session options, and the host key database so you only need to perform operations like setting application defaults, sessions settings, or accepting a server's host key once. Logon is simplified with password and passphrase caching, which allow both application to share passwords and passphrases while either application or the Activator utility is running. You can launch either application from a Toolbar button, and SecureFX will automatically open a session in SecureCRT if that session specifies a terminal protocol.
• Multi-file transfers: Support for resuming multiple-file transfers. All remaining files in the transfer list are completed after a broken connection is reestablished.
• File permission tools: Support for changing permissions on multiple files at once. When connected to VShell® for Windows version 2.2 or higher, the Properties dialog for the remote file or folder has a Security tab that allows ACL permissions to be viewed.
• FIPS 140-2 support: When the administrative option to run in "FIPS Mode" is set, SecureFX uses a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic library and only allows FIPS-approved algorithms.

SecureFX 6.0 introduces new features that save you valuable time like quick synchronize support for mirroring with delete, an editable address bar showing the current path of local or remote sessions, and the ability to resolve symbolic links. User interface enhancements include Windows display themes and drag-and-drop customization of toolbar and menu items. Other new features are a combined installer for SecureFX and SecureCRT®, support for U3 smart drives, and MSI installers to simplify and automate distribution and installation.

New for SecureFX 6.0 :
* Quick synchronize mirror with delete: Automatically delete files or folders that are not on the source from the destination, allowing you to exactly match the destination and source. This is also supported in SFXCL.
* Address bar: An editable address bar shows the current path of the local or remote session as well as a history of the most recently used paths, allowing you to navigate easily between paths, type paths, or copy and paste paths to and from the clipboard.
* Default transfer type is used when type is "Unknown": This option tells SecureFX to automatically use the default transfer type when the type is Unknown, instead of a displaying a prompt dialog, so that there are fewer transfer interruptions.
* Resolve symbolic links: Select this option to automatically resolve symbolic links.
* Use environment variables in paths: You can now use environment variables like APPDATA, TEMP, and USERPROFILE in paths specified in SecureFX global and session options, making it easier to move/copy settings to other machines and to create configurations that will work for multiple users.
* New toolbar and menu bar themes: The toolbar and menu bar now use Windows display themes.
* Customize the toolbar and menu: New dialog supports dragging and dropping toolbar and menu items, so that it's easy to modify the menu and toolbar to suit your needs.
* Support for U3 smart drives: When installed to a U3 smart drive using the SecureFX U3 installer, SecureFX saves configuration and settings to the U3 drive, making it completely portable.
* Combined installer for SecureFX and SecureCRT: An installer that installs both SecureFX and SecureCRT is now available. Both clients and their shared DLLs are installed into the same folder, making it easy to install SecureFX and SecureCRT and keep them in sync.
* MSI installers: MSI support allows you to distribute the applications through your distributions server using Group Policy and to automate installs through SMS or other install programs.
* Check for product updates: An optional monthly pop-up dialog allows you to check for product updates

Changes in SecureFX 6.0.3 (Official) -- July 24, 2008:
Bug fixes:
- Under certain circumstances, files that should have been displayed sometimes were not displayed.
- When the SecureFX window regained focus, sometimes it was not repainted.
- The installer did not handle the answer file option INSTALLATION_PROFILE.

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