CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder 3.3

CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder is a quick and easy way to create awesome looking flash menus for your Website. Menu builder includes dozens of high quality buttons, backgrounds and sounds. Create menus and sub menus with fade effects, custom buttons or text. Flash Menu Builder requires no knowledge of Flash or HTML. Simply create your menu, save and upload. It's that easy.

Now you can create Flash Menus for your Website quickly and easily. Each item is a button, that when clicked will display a sub-menu that you can link to different parts of your Website. Use the provided buttons or choose your own to customize the menu to fit your Website. There are so many different choices for customizing the look of your menu. Choose from font styles and sizes to background colors and sounds. Give your users something they can interact with using CoffeeCup Flash Menu Builder.

Flash Menu Builder Software Features:
* Full-Featured Button And Menu Designer
* Snazzy Fade-In Effects
* Add Custom Backgrounds And Borders
* Custom Background Images And Mouse Click Sounds
* Over 200 Graphics And Buttons Included
* Convenient FTP tool to upload your files
* Add Background Images and Sounds
* Creates a flash SWF file so it is compatible with all browsers
* Free Support & Free Upgrades for Life

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Size: 4.83 MB