Tagrunner automatically finds the missing tags, lyrics & album covers!
Tagrunner - ID3, MP3, WMA, OGG Tagger, CD cover artwork and lyrics search agent, Tag editor for ID3, MP3, WMA and OGG tags, lyrics and album covers.

Tagrunner software license for Microsoft Windows. Search agent with more than 10 integrated updateable internet sources for missing tags, album covers and lyrics. High-Speed search function on parallel search channels. Automatically complete missing tags. Quality check of the search results. Tag-Editor for the group editing function of the music tracks. Quality check of the album covers. Manual configuration of the internet sources.

Having trouble with the mess in your music collection? Is the music genre for one track missing and for another the album name? For just a few of your music files on your PC are the album covers and lyrics available. It’s all over with these kind of problems! Now, a hard-working helper is here: Tagrunner!

Tagrunner is one’s little search machine for the music fan, which makes tags, lyrics and album covers available, just by searching the internet. A music fan can do this also with the help of the internet browser. The only difference is that Tagrunner automatically searches known internet sites to bring the tags for big music collections with many music tracks and spares the user a lot of time.

Lyrics for karaoke – Tagrunner makes it happen
Tagrunner is the only software which has the function of bringing also the suited lyrics, besides the automated tagging. For this, Tagrunner is searching the most suitable sources on the internet and adds the lyrics to the music tracks. Additionally you can manually edit with Tagrunner ID3 tags for MP3, WMA, OGG.

Tagrunner functions:
• Editor for ID3/MP3- tags, WMA and OGG
• Search agent for tags, album covers and lyrics
• High speed search function on parallel search channels
• 10 integrated and updateable internet sources
• Auto tag function to automatically complete missing tags
• Quality check of search results. Automatic selection of best search result
• Multiselection and group editing function of music tracks and tag editor
• Quality check of album covers
• Manual configuration of internet sources
• Statistic analysis of every source

System requirements:
- Windows XP/Vista®, 500Mhz CPU, 128MB RAM, DSL Internet access

Homepage - http://tagrunner.com

Size: 3.64 MB

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